A Possible Alternate Future for the Comic Book Industry

Comic book industry is constantly changing and evolving. It saw its share of boom and bust that uncanny. Now, Disney and Warner Brothers is trying to guide his path. Whether they will succeed or they sailed into the maw of the seabeast hungry?

With all the success the film enjoyed by both companies with the release of this summer's blockbuster The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, they each have taken control of their publishing arms with confidence more than we have seen in years. Marvel big event focusing on their main franchise film, X-Men and The Avengers. Fresh from the Warner-mandated reorganization of their company and rebranding, DC Entertainment followed suit with their summer event to focus on one of their big films of recent years.

Focus on the nature of the film can attract new readers from the world of film, but the comic industry have yet to see evidence of that happening. Most months, no one sells more than 100,000 copies. It is clear to everyone except those who run Marvel and DC that older readers finally reached their breaking points, after building up a tolerance with amazing marketing antics of two large, and get tired of reading Spider-Man storyline and leaving in droves.

My prediction is that this vicious circle will continue and result in the industry in the most terrible of her straight. Marvel and DC will continue to lose readers and encourage nature films in an effort to get them back until they no longer have enough readers to keep it profitable.

From the ashes, a new independent creations crop will rise to dominance. At the beginning of this can be seen by going on Twitter. It seems everyone has his or her own comic web creation. And, many of them are very popular, but still totally unfamiliar to most readers of comics.

Most people who read web comics are women who have never read the book, but traditional print comics are planning their year round around the gear cosplay dress up and go to Dragon Con. This is a mythology "new reader" that the story turned to comic-book editors raving mad in the eyes of many over the past few years. Bigfoot does exist, but he could be arrested?

If there is anything we know about Bigfoot, it is that he is very difficult to understand. The arrest itself would take expertise expert. This statement appears to be by the fact that it still has not been made. The same thing applies to this new readers catch web comics and getting it to buy traditional comic books. To do this, it would take a huge effort from at least two major publishers.

Marvel and DC will need to change their line-up of publishing dramatically to have a chance in actually appealing to the readers of web comics. Superheroes, at least in their current form, should be kept in favour of importing ideas from the web into comics form.

This imports the idea of the web will lead to something very interesting which is supposed to happen in a very long time. Mainstream comics will drive entirely new concepts. Every comic world for yourself. Each story will be a unique creation. The magic comic would be burdened to light up 1,000 new genre, and a new golden age will dawn.